# Verification

Verification is a in-channel or web-based CAPTCHA to verify new users joining your server.

# Passthrough

Accounts older than a certain age will not have a complete the first time they join the server.

The age can be modified via the dashboard. If you wish disable passthrough, set the required age to something like 100y.

# In-channel CAPTCHA

The user will be presented a CAPTCHA in Discord itself.

There are three different CAPTCHAs served based on internal risk calculations:

  • Select the anomalous image (image_label_anomaly)
  • Select all matching images (image_label_binary)
  • Classify the presented image (image_label_classify)
  • Transcribe the letters in the image (image_transcribe)

# Image Label Anomaly

"Select the anomalous image" CAPTCHA
"Select the anomalous image" CAPTCHA

# Image Label Binary

"Select all matching images" CAPTCHA
"Select all matching images" CAPTCHA

# Image Label Classify

"Classify the presented image" CAPTCHA
"Classify the presented image" CAPTCHA

# Image Transcribe

"Transcribe the letters in the image" CAPTCHA
"Transcribe the letters in the image" CAPTCHA

# Web-based CAPTCHA

The user will be presented with a link that has to be opened in a browser to complete the CAPTCHA.

Web-based CAPTCHA challenge with a link
Web-based CAPTCHA challenge with a link

We currently use two third-party CAPTCHA providers on the website, which one depends on internal risk calculations:

Both support options for Accessibility users. We are also using several first-party mitigations to prevent automation software or show alternative first-party CAPTCHAs alternatives that aid in bot defense.

We may introduce new CAPTCHA providers at any time at our sole discretion without declaring it here to help secure your server.

Web-based CAPTCHAs are trusted more than in-channel because more data is available. During raids or after multiple failed attempts at an in-channel CAPTCHAs, web-based CAPTCHAs will be used instead to protect your server.

# Temporarily disabled

During heavy attacks, verification will be temporarily completely disabled to protect both your server and our services.

Temporary disables are only deployed when absolutely necessary and rarely seen. When encountered, they typically last up to 10 minutes.

# Image disclaimer

All images used by our in-channel CAPTCHA are generated by AI. We are automatically checking all images for NSFW content but NSFL content may slip through our automated checks. If an image contains any inappropiate content, you can report it by pressing ? and then Report images.