# Verification required

# What happened?

The security level of the server is requiring you to verify your humanness.

# How do I verify I am human?

Click on the Verify link and follow the instructions on the website.

# Why does it ask for access to my Discord account?

To link the verification to your account and server, we need you to link your Discord account using OAuth2.

We are unable to read or send messages on your behalf, and can only see your public user information and the servers you are in.

After verifying, you can head to your Discord User Settings -> Authorized Apps and deauthorize The Cleaner. We will delete all information stored about your Discord account after a few minutes of last usage of our service.

# I am an accessibility user

All CAPTCHAs served on the verification page are accessibility friendly.

# Why is verification unavailable?

We may temporarily disable verification for suspicious users. You should try again after 10 minutes or use a different network.

# Privacy

Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service below.

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